The media claims the Recession is over! It is?

The Bank of Canada officially announced the recession is officially over.   How the heck did they come up with this statement?   I guess I should just see all the money come into the office starting on monday.

When is the recession over?   I guess when The Bank of Canada says it’s over.  And all this time, I thought there was a problem in the economy.  Go figure.  I was cutting back and watching every dollar spent and I should of just waited until they said it was over.

I believe you can say “The War is over” and that’s exactly it.  It’s over.  However, to just claim in the newspaper and other media that the “recession is over” isn’t exactly going to mean we all go back to our normal ways of spending as we did in 2007.

Here is Adam’s theory… we are in the eye of the recession storm.  This is a slight blow over for the short term.  The Canadian dollar is going stronger, and was at 92cents yesterday.  Gas prices are much higher (as it’s summer, and try to tell me otherwise), you can almost tell how the recession is going with where the price of gas is against the price of the dollar.   Watch what happens in the coming months…last I checked when the dollar was this strong we ended up crashing hard.

If you truly believe that this is over, then please ignore this.   Enjoy racking up the credit card and sign up for the highest expenses you can with Bell Canada on their long distance plan.   Or…sit back and keep it steady.  I believe this economy road is about to get very bumpy before it gets to being smooth.

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