RBC – OPEN for business. To CLOSE your business

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My statement today relates to a recent campaign that I’m seeing by RBC Promoting Working with small businesses.  Here’s the ironic thing, I appreciate the recession is close to being over however I also know many businesses that were forced into bankruptcy or to close that dealt with the RBC. We all need to sell our business services including the bank’s. It just doesn’t sit well with me when I see this advertising campaign that is nothing new for the RBC as they have had this campaign for some years. What bothers me, is how many small businesses that are starting out and setting up their account with RBC will encounter reality of another recession and the RBC forcing them to close.

I’m not supporting any other bank’s in this post. I will though make a comment but I believe the new opportunities when dealing with the financial institution for small business should be done with the credit union. I remember when Canada trust was around and how they assisted truly small business. Along comes Toronto Dominion swallows up Canada trust and pretends that it is making financial services easier for personal and for small business.

I work with both banks and credit unions and can honestly say it is more pleasurable dealing with the credit union with small business operations than it ever is with the bank. If you’re looking to start your business then I highly suggest you consider one of the many credit union options that are available. My dealings that I have had great relationships with include Meridian as well as 1st Ontario. I can’t speak on behalf of credit unions for personal dealings but I can say they have been more than helpful when it came to working with my other businesses.

Be careful if you choose RBC as their campaign is OPEN for business, but I have seen them CLOSE more businesses by them being open for business

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  1. Business is a rough environment. We all have people that have struggled through ressessions some that have lost jobs, homes or businesses. I agree that large banks can feel cold when you deal with them, but I would rather see our large banks turn profits and not losses. Our economy requires our banking system to be strong, I sleep better knowing our large lending institutions are in the black

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