Ontario Colleges Trade show

FPM3 had the opportunity to work with the Ontario Colleges for the 2012 Skills Canada competition at RIM Park.  FPM3 Cambridge/Kitchener/Waterloo Bradley Southam and Adrian Konstant (FPM3 Media/Mingle) worked the photo magic and  pulled an amazing tradeshow display together in 3 days.

Students were able to pick their “skill” and have their picture in the work environment.    The image was then printed with a QR code for them to take home.

As you can see, Adrian and I had a moment together.   

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President of FPM Marketing & Design, FPM3, The Mingle, SOAP PROPERTIES, CityHosting and Adam Oldfield Emceeing. I have a degree in Radio Broadcasting and manage of staff of 18 people across Canada and the USA.

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