Hamilton thanks Jim Balsille at Tax payers expense

I woke up this morning and opened the Hamilton Spectator with my cup of coffee and I gasped when found the full colour page (12 pages in) thanking Jim Balsillie for his dedication in trying to get a NHL hockey team for the City of Hamilton.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  that  would of cost a minimum of $8,000 to $15,000.  I KNOW…I used to do this when we did media buying.   There could be a situation where this was adjusted….The City negotiated a deal for less or the Spectator had a cancellation from a full page colour client and offered it for free.  (I definitely doubt that, but I could be wrong).

So, someone please tell me I’m just being a jerk and I’m not seeing things for what they should be.   I’m just floored that the City of Hamilton in this economic crunch is spending this kind of money to thank a billionaire for not getting the hockey team?   What?    Hey, not that I didn’t support this campaign and further the vision of what this would of done for the City of Hamilton.   You want to run a full page, full colour ad thanking Mr. Balsille…how about a message in there to support the Hamilton Bulldogs?   I guess we forgot that we have an AHL team in the City of Hamilton!

I’m just stunned at who the genius was that made this advertising decision.  What did it achieve?  Advertising has a purpose; Branding or a call to action.   What the heck did this message achieve?   I have no idea.  Someone, please tell me!  We have homes flooding in the East end, where the Province (in all the Liberal controlling glory) won’t give any money to help this crisis. and we are running $8,000 – $10,000 ads in the Spectator thanking Mr. Balsille.   Hey couldn’t we of saved tax payers the massive amount, and just sent him a $1.00 thank you card with a $0.54 cent stamp.  Even better, send him an email from a blackberry.  I believe that would of did the same trick and he would of appreciated it just as much.

See the paper ad City of Hamilton Ad thanking Jim Balsille

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