FPM3.com NEW website launches!

FPM Marketing is excited to announce the launch of our NEW website. Everyone needs to change their clothes once in a while…it was due time to update the fpm3.com website. We have a few new features that I’m excited to share.
1. Introducing FPM3 Bot – Our newest member to the team. FPM3 Bot was created to show our newest products, latest artwork, events, sponsorships and of course the latest in social media

2. The new features of trying the Mingle on any page.

3. Links to the Mingle, and Ship2Shred website. We will soon have Click N Call and soon Manage With Success

I’m very happy with our new look and design. You should be able to easily navigate and see all that we have to offer! As leaders in the market of website design, coding, and branding…FPM Marketing can help you get your website online today!

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President of FPM Marketing & Design, FPM3, The Mingle, SOAP PROPERTIES, CityHosting and Adam Oldfield Emceeing. I have a degree in Radio Broadcasting and manage of staff of 18 people across Canada and the USA.

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