Canada has – The Bag of Milk

As I’m dealing with both Canadians and Americans you get talking about “little” things that you don’t even notice that Canada and the USA have some very big differences.  This one difference still stuns me, that Americans primarily have not seen bags of Milk.  Further, they can’t seem to understand how it even works.   They have been using cartons for years that the Bag of Milk is almost like the latest newest idea.

I wanted to share with you a link to a website that was dedicated to what is the bag of Milk.   I’ve includes some pictures to help with the visuals, as it was hard for me to describe this to my American staff and clients.milk.JPGJug of Milk

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6 thoughts on “Canada has – The Bag of Milk”

  1. I know that milk was available in Canada in bags over 30 years ago while I was pregnant with my son, and visiting an aunt. Same blue plastic holder.

    Completely forgot about it. I always thought it was odd.


  2. Not all of Canada has that, only the smart Canadians in Ontario have bagged milk. ;) I was really surprised when I found out the rest of Canada doesn’t have this, let alone other areas of the world. We’re just so used to them around here.

  3. Hi there,

    WE now have been enjoying bagged milk for a couple of months — in the Republic of Georgia over in the former Soviet Union. But – we don not have these holders :-( So I am looking for one….. And by the way, I remember bagged milk and those holders from way back in the 70s in Germany, that was West Germany then, but as it turns out, the idea was popular in the GDR, too. So, sorry, Canadians are not the only one people to enjoy bagged milk …..

  4. Smart Canadians? No wonder there’s so many gays in Canada!! That explains a lot since the floppier the plastic, the higher the BPA aka xenoestrogens which turn men gay! Kudos Canada for your ignorance, and the marketing of a totally flawed and useless product! Glass is the way to go, and only glass bottles for me.

  5. Surprise? In The Netherlands there are also places where you can buy the bags of milk. At least in Enschede (5km from the border with Germany). I can buy it in one supermarket and also in Gronau in Germany (8km from Enschede).

  6. Good lord, Required. Maybe there seems to be more gays in Canada because we aren’t homophobic, rhetoric spouting, close minded bigots?

    As far as milk bags go, they were once common across Canada, but I haven’t seen them in BC for 15 – 20 years. I remember when there’d be a sale so Mum would buy lots of bags and stick them in the freezer.

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