Free Music Will Kill You

It turns out we’re going to pay for music one way or another.  We have been circumventing paying for music for years.  Napster, torrents, YouTube – they all provide free music.  How are we paying for it? Well, it’s not the record companies coming after us.  In fact, it’s the environment.

The carbon footprint created by the electricity consumed by streaming music online is actually larger than the production and distribution of CD’s.  It may seem hard to believe that a CD, its packaging, transporting, production, everything, is better for the environment than playing the album on YouTube.  Believe it! YouTube will soon consume 1% of the world’s electricity supply.

A little perspective on that percentage: total file-sharing consumes more than eight times the amount of electricity used by Canadian households.

I get called a hippy by some of my friends, in part because I still buy CD’s.  Who knew I was so eco-conscious? Buying CD’s is not the answer, though.  Companies such as MusicTank – a network group for the music industry – are working on one; we’ll just have to wait for it.

A new home for the FPM3 blog.

There comes a time when things need to be renewed and/or refreshed. This is one of those cases. This will be one of the last blog post made here as we have migrated are information on FPM 3 and all things tech along with what’s new and happening in the agency and marketing world to new location at of course over the years I have posted and build some very personal messages including Dalton McGunity and the Ontario Liberal party and my personal thoughts on his role as the leader of the province, bags of milk and how Canada in only a few other countries have figured it out not including the United States of America, tips and tricks on things related to the computer such as shortcuts to how to do things better and faster. I invite you to our new location at where you can follow all of us and not just me. If you’d like to also check out my personal page Adam it’s got everything about myself related to the business and technology as a whole.

Don’t forget like us on Facebook and get all the latest feeds on trends and activities as well as twitter if you are an avid Twitter user. Out with the old in with the new, see you at the new website.


Adam Oldfield
President – Time for a new message

The original

I believe that social media and the tools help communicate your “message” to your piers, associates, clients, suppliers and even family.  I do however, believe that the importance of having your own control (website) is also important.   All these social media connections need to “link” somewhere, and have a foundation of where to go.   Hence, I’ve updated my own website to outline the Tech Talk sponsored by AML Communications, your authorized Rogers Dealer and further all the latest information that is going on at

I’ve attached a memory image of the original website.

Google Places now linked with Google +

Another cog in the wheel at Google + as they showcase that they are building all the tools at Google together slowly.   It started with separate systems, and now they are starting to link and connect.   The importance of the Google + is slowly coming together and soon it could be bringing more value to the Social Media world.

Google announced that Google + and Google Places (maps with your business) are now connected and to setup/manage your business you will now do it through your Google + account.   The same Google + that will allow you to connect your friends and work associates together.   How natural and perfect is this connection and the future of how Google + value grows from here.     Maps, reviews and better SEO all linked with your social media connections, just simply brillant.  Makes sense to me.

This is very interesting for the future of getting your business noticed and found online.  This also brings a bit more value for those looking to be found for business vs Facebook.  I have yet to find the Facebook “Map”, but I can tell you that the BING maps works for setting up your business, but you can’t do anything yet in Canada.  I’ve set it up for the Niagara Falls, NY office.   It’s very cool with lots of features…to be talked about in another post.

Looking to get your Google+ account or your define your “places” this is the time that you can do it.


Facebook is finally posting Back to the Future!

I was looking for this feature (for a long time). Apparently, I just found out that it’s been there A LONG TIME.   You can now schedule your future posts by clicking on the clock in the lower left hand side.   You can then choose the year, date and time (including 10min increments) to the future.  One weird thing is that it allows you to schedule in the past and further you can’t schedule anything less than 10min in the future.

Some bugs still to be worked out and very hard to find the location to “edit” any of your scheduled events.    Bottom line is that you can schedule your posts in Facebook.